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My rugby league pitch

Apologies in advance for the Creed you will hear by playing this video

Alternate title: If it’s cool enough for Maximus Decimus Meridius, it’s cool enough for you.

If you’re like me, there was a little sad spot in your heart after the Super Bowl ended. Yes, even though the game managed to be incredibly boring when it all came down to it and resulted in a classic example of a bad marketing stunt on the part of a website. Maybe that’s cynicism on my part for being a 49ers fan.

But, no matter how blah I felt while watching the game, I still had to watch. I could care less who won (For everybody who remembers all the Patriots gear I wore in high school, let me clarify: the Bledsoe-era Patriots I liked. The Belichick/Mr.Gisele-era Pats, not so much), but this was going to be the last football until August.

It’s interesting how football fans go about dealing with the offseason. Sure, there’s basketball. I lost count of how many friends posted messages on Facebook right about the Super Bowl counting down how many days until pitchers and catchers report.

Me, I turn my attention south. No, not the Cactus League. I go really, really far south. Down under, to be exact. Yes, football season is over, but the National Rugby League is getting ready to start, mate! G’day!

I accidentally came across rugby league just shy of a decade ago, back with the NRL would stream match replays for free. I was pretty much hooked right away because it was so much like football, but went at a faster pace and had so many exciting plays packed into an 80-minute running clock. It almost seemed like I had found this secret that nobody else knew about. At least in my little corner of California.

But, I’m convinced that if people in America really gave watching the NRL a shot, they’d be hooked. In fact, here are my reasons that I think rugby league would be popular in the US: Continue reading