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The last few months…

Well, I’ve decided to switch my blogging over here to a WordPress-hosted blog. I’m still keeping my website, but it will be more oriented toward displaying work samples and the like.

Why the change? Well, a few reasons. But primarily, there’s been a few major changes in my life that are going to require some changes in my blogging.

Career change: If you had told me six years ago that I would be doing something besides journalism, I would have said you were crazy. I also would have said you were crazy six years ago that there would be paying jobs on those things I spent a ton of time on like MySpace and Facebook.

So much for that.

I’ve left journalism, and now work as the social media coordinator for Chemeketa Community College in Oregon. The primary campus of the college is in Salem, the state capital, along with another full campus in McMinnville and additional locations in the communities of Woodburn, Dallas, Brooks, and our Center for Business and Industry in downtown Salem. So, to sum up: new job in a new state in a new line of work.

Of course, social media is just one part of the job. There’s a lot to go with that:

  • Manage the college’s social media presence, including running the official primary social media sites and consulting with college departments and services looking to start their own.
  • Write feature articles to be displayed in the news section of the college’s website and be printed in external publications to promote the college
  • Product video content for the college’s YouTube page (still awaiting equipment)
  • Provide proofreading for written content on the college’s website.
  • Maintain a network of flatscreen informational monitors.
  • Produce and distribute a monthly electronic newsletter.

The change in career kind of necessitates a change in blogging. I was writing about journalism before. Obviously wouldn’t make much sense to focus on that now, since I’m no longer a journalist.

So, what will I write about now? Here’s the plan:

I’ll still have some discussion on social media stuff, since that’s an aspect of my job. There’s some other things in the works in that regard that will be talked about in due time.

I’ll be talking about sports as well. But not in the opining sense. I tend to be a little more philosophical than that. I think it will be interesting even to those who aren’t interested in sports.

Good/bad marketing. I’m in marketing now, may as well analyze and critique it the same way I did journalism.

Life in general. Things I do, see, eat, experience, etc. Salem has a lot more of those options than Yuba City did, and as an added bonus, it’s just 40 miles to Portland.

In other words, there will be many blogs like mine out there. But none really like mine.

Hope you find it interesting.